• 23 August 2017 | Online Live Stream | Amsterdam

    Music Production Masterclass

  • Top 4 reasons why you don't want to miss this class.

    NL-DJ.com classes are not a simple "workshop". We offer high quality in depth and genre specific classes that will get you inspired and motivated to take your music production skills to the next level. We are committed to helping you fulfill your potential.

    8+ hours of learning from and connecting with the pros.

    Learn from and personally connect with Angerfist and Dr. Peacock, drastically improve your music production skills and network.


    Rapidly increase your music production skills.

    Save lots of time and frustration trying to figure out how the pros create their amazing sounding kicks, melodies, synths.

    Get your tracks released.


    Increase your chances of getting your track released via our label partners.


    100% exclusive.


    Learn the Angerfist & Dr. Peacock secrets of building powerful tracks.

  • Angerfist Masterclass


    23 | August | 2017

    15:00 - 23:00

    The Angerfist Masterclass is all about connecting with and learning from Angerfist & Dr. Peacock. You will dive deeply into the thought processes that lay at the basis of how they produce their tracks. Get inspired and motivated to move your producing career in the right direction.


    The lessons will consist out of 3 main elements:

    1. Track walk-throughs, where you will discover the elements of their tracks and learn how to create those elements for yourself.

    2. Building sounds from scratch, where you will be introduced to the thought process of building new kicks, melodies and other sounds.

    3. Feedback sessions, allowing you to get expert feedback and improve your music.


    Line up

    15:00-17:00 Dr. Peacock

    17:00-18:00 Mystery Guest

    19:00-23:00 Angerfist




    Angerfist will show you multiple ways of making powerful hardcore kicks.


    How to make all the elements of your composition fit perfectly together and get your tracks sounding the best.


    The final effect chain to give your track the last boost it needs.


    How to approach creating killer melodies that stick. No matter if you have had music lessons or not.


    How professional sounding Hardcore and Frenchcore tracks are structured to fit perfectly on the dance floor.


    How to design your synths to make them sound massive and still be dynamic.


    The small details that keep your tracks interesting for listeners.


    How to create and refine your own sound today to help shape the sound of tomorrow.


    Learn how to get those fast Frenchcore kicks rollin' out of your speakers.


    Angerfist & Dr. Peacock will show you exactly what there tracks are built out of. No secrets kept here!


    You will get tips on how to stand out from the crowd of aspiring producers.


    There will be opportunities to get you demo's listened to by the Angerfist and Dr. Peacock.


    Here you will be able to ask Angerfist & Dr. Peacock all your pressing questions.

  • Pricing

    Stream Ticket

    Join the class from home with our interactive HD livestream

    (experience the class directly fed into your own sound system)

    Venue Ticket

    Join the class at the venue

    (great networking opportunities)

  • Tickets

    Be quick to take advantage of the early bird advantages.


    Super Early Bird

    Deadline July 16

    or until sold out.



    Early Bird

    Available until July 30

    or until sold out.




    Available until August 6

    or until sold out.



    Late Bird

    Available until August 23

    or until sold out.

  • Super Early Bird Ticket


    Stream ► €169 (SOLD OUT)

    Venue ► €189 (SOLD OUT)


    Early Bird Ticket



    Stream ► €179 (SOLD OUT)

    Venue ► €199 (SOLD OUT)


    Regular Ticket



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    Late Bird Ticket



    Stream ► €199


    • Angerfist Masterclass 2017
  • We work in small groups to make sure you get the best learning experience.


    We 100% guarantee you will love our classes! However, if you don't just let us know during the class and we will refund your ticket.


    In order to ensure the quality of the class we have limited places available at the venue and online so make sure you sign up now to guarantee your spot.


    Class sold out? Try your luck, reach out to us, we'll add you to the waiting list.


    If you are experiencing problems with payment contact us here and we'll help you out!

  • How does our online live stream work?

    If you can't join the class at the venue we offer a great alternative with our interactive online HD live stream. The live stream makes it possible for you to join the class from home. You will be able to ask questions realtime directly to the dj/producers and interact with your online classmates as the class progresses. We also have a 4 hour rewind function and the stream will stay online for 24 hours after the class starts. This means you can rewind to certain sections you would like to recap.

  • Online live stream features


    Your questions will be answered directly and you will be able to interact with your online classmates in realtime.

    High Definition

    The class is filmed from multiple angles and streamed in HD quality to make sure all information comes across 100%

    4 hour rewind function

    This enables you to recap any section of the class you would like to see again.

    24 hour loop

    The stream will run on a loop for 24 hours after the class starts. For example, if you want to join the class at a different time / review things after the class, or maybe watch the class again, you will be able to do so.

    Extremely easy to join

    When you sign up for the live stream you will receive information containing simple steps on how to join the live stream.

    Perfect Audio Quality

    The audio will be directly sent to the stream so you will hear the audio from the DAW directly fed into your speakers.

  • Angerfist 2015 Masterclass | official aftermovie

    The official aftermovie of the Angerfist 2015 Masterclass.

  • NL-DJ.com classes go very deep into specific genres working only with the best artists in their genre.

    This is what our students say about our classes:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which language will the class be in?

    The class will be given in simple, easy to follow English.

    What are the advantages of coming to the venue?

    After the class we will be hosting drinks with the students and teachers. A great opportunity to meet other students, set up collaborations and remixes and connect with everyone.

    I'm new at producing, will I be able to follow the class?

    Here at NL-DJ we want to make sure you get the maximum out of our classes. Therefore we recommend following the Kickstartclass first before following the masterclass. This will give you a solid foundation and allows you to get the maximum out of the Masterclass.

    Do I really need the Kickstart Lessons to follow the Masterclass?

    We highly recommend enrolling in the Kickstartclass. The Kickstartclass will be jam packed with essential genre specific information and will provide you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of the masterclass. Get in touch with us and we'll be glad to explain more about this.

    I'm in a different time zone, can I watch the class at a later time?

    Yes, the class has a 4 hour rewind function, this enables you to tune in later and also recap any section of the class you would like to see again. The stream will run on a loop for 24 hours after the class starts which gives you multiple options of tuning in after the class has ended too.

    If I come to the venue will I be able to watch the livestream 24 hour loop?

    Yes, you will be invited to watch the loop so you can recap on the class at home.

    How does the livestream work?

    When is the class?

    The class will take place on the 23rd of August, starting at 15.00 and ending at +/- 23:00

    Where is the class?



    Centre of Amsterdam | NL-DJ Masterclass Room. The exact location will be on your ticket.

    Why should I follow the class?

    If you want to take your music productions skills to the next level and make massive steps in your music production fast.

    How much are the tickets?

    The tickets start at 169 euro when you are on time for the super early bird tickets.

    What DAW's do Angerfist & Dr. Peacock use?

    Angerfist uses Cubase and Dr. Peacock uses Ableton Live.

    When will I receive the early bird bonuses?

    You will receive the ticket bonuses at and after the class which will take place on the 23rd of August.

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